Dino Kit Large Tyrannosaurus

Dino Kit Large Tyrannosaurus

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Have you been fascinated about dinosaurs ever since you saw the first installment of Jurassic Park? Have you been playing videos of running around with dinosaurs in your mind every now and then? Have you been wishing that you would encounter at least one in your lifetime? Hey! That's a little too much to ask for, but we've got something that you will cherish for a long time - the Build-A-Dinosaur kit!

Now, you have the power to recreate the magic of the dinosaurs in your living room. All you've got to do is pop out the pieces from the flat pack and stick them on to one another from top to toe (or the other way round too!) When you're done, you would have a uniquely crafted dinosaur skeleton in front of you! Not quite intimidating, but very awe-inspiring nonetheless.

You've got two interesting options - the ultra cool Tyrannosaurus Rex (nicked T-Rex) and the winged Pteranodon! Irrespective of which one you choose, or both, there's a lot of fun at stake! It's a great gift idea for your kids, paleontologist friends or the wanna-be Alan Grants! Either way, they are going to love you for presenting this one.

  • Made from wood, easy to assemble and require no glue
  • Instructions and Sandpaper are included
  • Completed model is approx. 20 inches tall!

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